Music Agency Dubai. Meet The Artist of Сlassical Music

Artist Related Group got solid history in many UAE know acts & VIP event, alongside the region High profile performers, they work with the client closely throughout the planning process to implement his vision into real-time event.

<a href="/olga-violinist"> Olga Violinist</a>

Olga Violinist

<a href="/karina-violinist"> Karina Violinist</a>

Karina Violinist

<a href="/evgenia-cellist">Evgenia Cellist</a>

Evgenia Cellist

<a href="anna-pianist">Anna Pianist</a>

Anna Pianist

<a href="/dasha-flutist">Dasha Flutist</a>

Dasha Flutist

<a href="/irina-singer">Irina Singer</a>

Irina Singer

<a href="evelina-harpist">Evelina Harpist</a>

Evelina Harpist

<a href="/ksenia-saxophonist">Ksenia Saxophonist</a>

Ksenia Saxophonist

<a href="/julia-painter">Julia Painter</a>

Julia Painter

<a href="/alisa-cellist">Alisa Cellist</a>

Alisa Cellist