Western Wedding

Do you want to make your Wedding Ceremony Music touching and memorable? Of course you do!

Your wedding ceremony songs are so important because your ceremony is often the most emotional (and important) part of your wedding.

The songs you choose to play during different parts of the wedding ceremony to will convey to your family and friends your feelings on love and marriage, your outlook on life in general and the overall formality and theme of the

Traditional vs Contemporary Wedding Ceremony Music

The first decision you will need to make is whether you want to go with traditional ceremony music or modern and contemporary ceremony music. Often this is dictated by your choice of ceremony venue ( Church, Garden, Beach…etc.)

Live Music vs Recordings

Your second decision when choosing your music for your wedding ceremony is whether to go with live music or a recording of the songs, or even a combination.
Live music can add that extra touch to your ceremony whether it be an organ player, piano, string quartet, jazz ensemble, solo saxophone harp, solo vocalist or a full choir. It all depends on you and what mood you want to create.​​

Where To Have Music In The Ceremony

The third decision is where you will want to have music during the ceremony. For example, if you are not having a religious ceremony, you will not want to include hymns and you may or may not want a unity candle (or sand ceremony) during your wedding ceremony, and even if you do include it, you may not want music during this time and would prefer your officiant to explain everything while you perform it.

Most wedding ceremonies consist of a few or all of the following categories:


A wedding is one of the brightest pages in any couple’s love story.
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You can hardly imagine a wedding ceremony without music. Wedding music is one of the most important and emotional elements of the ceremony. As the western wedding Dubai ceremony can be divided into several parts each of them supposes music accompany if you wish, of course. Chosen music will tell about your feelings and emotions to your family and friends. It’s necessary to decide what kind of music you prefer to play at your ceremony: traditional or modern. The place of ceremony matters on this issue. The next step is you should decide if it will be record music or live one, or may be combination. It’s for sure that live music will add elegance and charm to your ceremony whether this will be piano, saxophone, violin or string quartet. In any case incorporated instrumental music will create a personal touch in your ceremony.

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