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Do you want to make your Wedding Ceremony Music touching and memorable? Your wedding ceremony songs are so important because your ceremony is often the most emotional (and important) part of your wedding.

The songs you choose to play during different parts of the wedding ceremony will show your family and friends your feelings on love and marriage, your outlook on life in general and the overall theme of the wedding.

Traditional vs Contemporary Wedding Ceremony Music
The first decision you will need to make is whether you want to go with traditional ceremony music or modern and contemporary ceremony music. Often this is dictated by your choice of ceremony venue (Church, Garden, Beach…etc.)

Live Music vs Recordings
Your second decision when choosing your music for your wedding ceremony is whether to go with live music or a recording of the songs, or even a combination.

Live music can add that extra touch to your ceremony whether it be an organ player, piano, string quartet, jazz ensemble, solo saxophone harp, solo vocalist or a full choir. It all depends on you and what mood you want to create.

We love to work with our clients creating an outstanding environment for their special day which really reflects the couple and their guests.

At present, more dance styles are getting popular as wedding dance. Dubai wedding dance means slow dancing, waltz, tango, foxtrot for the first couple dance, wedding dance with parents and dancing at the ceremony. Some couples prefer a lyric song; some a fast song or even a mix starting their dance from a slow song turning to fast. Usually wedding events are filled with music and dances.

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