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How to join two loving hearts together and forever? Only love, passion and trust could give us such a timeless gift.

Every nation and world tradition considers wedding as one of the most important event in person’s life. This very day will make you laughing, smiling, thrilling and even crying tears of joy.

Dubai has its special vibes as the city wherein so many cultures have mixed up for gaining success and happiness in everybody’s sake. Artist Related Group team and its creative Founder do understand this peculiarity. Having extensive experience of performance in Dubai and the Middle East, we have a great sense of relevance at every event and situation.

Our company is ready to undertake every challenge of wedding music arrangement. We organise our best performers, musicians and entertainers for your convenience.
It is a great honor for us to be invited for such important events and we do our best to meet your highest expectations.

Artist Related Group is glad to organise a wedding in any style: modern, traditional, European, Arabic or a mixed one. Team of our professionals will make pre-event consultations, offer you different options and will help to make the right choice.

Nowadays Arabic traditional wedding is of high demand in Dubai. Therefore, our artists will be at your disposal during guests reception, zaffa or bride entrance, cake cutting, newlyweds first dance, and a wedding dinner.

Traditional Arabic wedding contains traditions of modern Bedouin and rural celebrations. And we do know how to mix contemporary views and traditions. For example, wedding procession includes a zaffa, wedding march, that is announcing loudly about wedding. Artist Related Group offers zaffa to be made in original and interesting approach, giving energy and lots of joy for valued guests.

We make a difference with high quality of our performances and special approach to every event.

It is your day of excellency, glory of eternal love and sincere feelings. So give us a call right now for further details.

One hundred kisses of newlyweds are guaranteed!

Traditional Arabic weddings were very similar to modern-day Bedouin weddings and rural weddings, and they were unique from one region to another, even within the same country.
Weddings usually include a zaffa, a procession that loudly announces the couple’s wedding.
A customised Zaffa from Artist Related Group is a different approach to each wedding. We belive that the bride is the Queen of the nignt and the right music will enhance the ambience and all antourage.
Most wedding ceremonies consist of a few or all of the following categories:

Guests Reception

Zaffa/Bride entrance

Cake cutting

First Dance


Wedding planner companies Dubai are made of imaginative and friendly people, and they know how to organize any party. A qualified event planner is able to help his clients deal with stress from a nervous bride to a doubting client. They have a careful attention to details, are well organized and keep up on trends.

Art Related Group really believes that is able to make your day extra unique. Our creative team of performers, musicians and entertainers will guarantee that your celebrations will be truly unforgettable. It is an honor for us to be asked out to become part of your wedding and we take it most seriously.

Art Related Group, providing wedding services in Dubai, is a progressive team that creates and implements new ideas under the guidance of Olga Trifonova, the Creative Founder. The team is always ahead with amazing stage sets, design, lighting, live music accompany and wedding entertaining Dubai. Our outstanding live music and artists will make your event something truly special.

Pre-event consultation and planning assure that your event will be created taking into account your needs and expectations. We want your wedding not to be just good but outstanding! Art Related Group offers wedding in different styles like western wedding or mixed oriental wedding. Our event planners will propose all the different options. Traditional Arabic wedding contains traditions of modern Bedouin and rural weddings. The celebration of these kinds of weddings is specific in every region within the same country. Usually wedding procession includes a zaffa, wedding march, announcing loudly about wedding. Zaffa offered by Artist Related Group is a quite different approach to a wedding. The performance and the proper music will improve the mood and environment of the wedding celebration. Usually the Arabic wedding has a few or some of the following stages: reception of guests, zaffa or bride entrance, cutting of cake, couple first dance, and wedding dinner.

Choosing the right wedding event management company in Dubai is the main point to an outstanding celebration.

Wedding planners in Dubai

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wedding planners in dubai, wedding organizer


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