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Violinist Olga Trifonova started playing the violin from the age of six, then later graduated from the musical collage of art, a highly respected pedagogical university in Minsk, Belarus.

Olga Trifonova, music college student from Belarus decided to break with convention; instead of continuing to follow her carrier in Belarus, she decided to look to foreign countries to have the possibilities of using their own energetic and compelling approach to performance to become a free lance musician following contracts in South Koreas, Argentinia , the UAE to find her unique style as dazzlingly contemporary , classic crossover to pop, arabic music, lounge and club style performances, she does what she does without anybody influencing her style and approach to music.

This education has been backed up with years of experience while working in many different countries around the world.

The last 7 years of not only performing in the Middle East, but all over the world has inspired her to the creation of a professional pool of musicians and has led to the foundation of Artist Related Group.

The skillful mix of cultures and different styles has inspired the musical and artistic content of her productions. The excitement and challenges which come with living within a multi-cultural environment in the Middle East makes every production customized and unique, depending on the kind of audience.

Classical and Electric Violinist For Hire

Violin music adds elegance and sophisticated taste to any event. A violinist can create a refined atmosphere for you and your valued guests during corporate and private events, at weddings or dinners.

Incredibly charming, bright and highly professional violinist in UAE Olga Trifonova is the best option of musical accompaniment for your wedding, corporate holiday, party or business event in Dubai and across the UAE.

Violinist Olga offers you unique electronic compositions interpreted in dance styles in addition to the traditional academic violin program. You will listen to exclusive arrangements of famous hits, as well as author’s compositions of the violinist.

Bright, unforgettable electric violin show, performance of world renowned hits in the following styles: pop, electro, house, jazz, peculiarity of light, a sound, a stage image, allow you to plunge into a space of incendiary show. Charisma, crazy drive, energy, ability to keep the audience in anticipation, will make spectators hearts beat faster.

Having many years of violinist experience at numerous events in Dubai and the UAE will make you sure that the music will match the event perfectly. Olga will cheer up and engage listeners to the magic of music by her performance. Banquet, anniversary or a meeting up with old friends, any type of holiday will get new vibes, become original, and it will be remembered by guests.

In addition to solo performances, Olga is a part of ‘Spark Trio’, as well as a duet with a saxophonist.
There are different bands, programmes with show-ballet.

Should you need to hire a violinist for a wedding, party or corporate event in Dubai – we are here to provide you with every possible assistance! If you would like to listen to a 100% live sound, we will choose a composition that will satisfy your most sophisticated requirements and expectations.
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Classical and Electric Violinist, violin classes Dubai


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