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Orchestra in Dubai by Artist Related Group is a unique orchestra that is actively gaining its popularity in Dubai and at the Middle East.

Our team at The Artist Related Group differs qualitatively from any other orchestras, since it has gathered only the best musicians from the CIS, Europe and the Middle East. Different music genres and new technologies usage have made our Happy Female Orchestra an innovative and versatile one for weddings and any solemn events.


Our orchestra looks great, and what is most important, sounds great (!), during any events, like:

stage adapted shows and performances;

concerts of vocalists and show-ballets performances;

corporate events and weddings;

awards ceremonies, presentations and showings;

conferences, exhibitions and business events;

open-air performances and club parties;

clips shooting, TV shows and advertising;

studio sound recording.


The best way to make a wedding really special and solemn is to invite a classical orchestra. Our wedding orchestra will immediately make the holiday one-of-the-kind, emphasizing on its importance and giving the event noble spirit.

You can order an orchestra for other kinds of ambiance which includes different instruments and repertoire. Musicians could play ancient music, music of different world nations or modern hits in orchestral processing. The orchestra will provide a necessary background for a guests meeting, feasts, toasts, the bride showing, artists presentation and other important wedding moments.

The wind band will provide you with necessary solemnity. It will bring pleasant memories to older generation and create a good mood for the youth.
String orchestras are good for feasts, as soon as they could play tranquil music for a background, classics, jazz or modern hits. It will sound stylish and even in aristocratic manner.

There are classical, modern, jazz orchestras, harpist bands. Creative collectives could be very different. They will fit a wedding with a certain style, and the solemn presentation of another holiday.

Modern wedding band is really different, rich in sound and stands out at its look. Wedding with the orchestra is a truly solemn event!


We are constantly improving and investing into orchestra’s repertoire expansion and improvement. For the time being there are about 500 different compositions, which are considered the best music of all time. Rock, pop, jazz, folk and eternal classic presented in new composers’ comprehension. Moreover, we make music processing according a client special order.


Orchestra performance organization is a complex multi-level process, still we have made our service as comfortable and modern as possible. From your side we will need only to specify dates, describe the location and format of the event. All event event arrangements and repertoire variants will be offered by our managers as soon as possible verbally or in written.
We have the best orchestra available for wedding and events.

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Orchestra music Dubai

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Orchestra Dubai
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