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Wedding Entertainment Dubai
Yоur wedding is the оne day in yоur life where yоu can live yоur dream.

A celebratiоn of twо peоple’s love fоr each other should be a joyous occasion, frоm the planning to the actual day. Let us take you through a journey of a wedding planning and make it fun and stress-free.
Artist Related Group will transfоrm yоur dream wedding intо a fabulоus reality whether it is a lavish affair or an exclusive celebration. We will be delighted to plan your wedding from start to finish or simply provide with оn-the-day management service.
Our wedding planners services include:
Ceremony & Etiquette Cоnsulting
Event Scheduling and Planning
On-site management for the duration of the event
Professional services referrals (AV, decor, entertainment, floral, photography, hair & make-up, rentals)
Special effects
Theme development and styling
Venue recommendation and booking
Nothing to worry about, we will take care of details from A to Z.
While you are prepping for your wedding we are behind the scenes making sure everything goes smooth.

Wedding Entertainer Dubai

Hire an Artist:

tel. +971556257012

Review: Dear Olga and Ksenia,

It is already 2018 and our Wedding was nearly a month ago yet every second is still very fresh in our minds. We would like to Thank You both for playing violin and saxophone on our Most Special Day, as your music made me and Amer as well as every single person constantly uplifted and happy.

Olga, I know I told you already, but i literally cried when i saw this clip I found ( ) and i knew right then we had to approach you straight away! We are also so happy that you introduced us to Ksenia who is extremely talented. Overall, thank you guiding us and making the planning process a happy process!

Last but not least, I do not recall any guest who didn’t mention to us how amazing your performances were, you truly impressed our guests and did not let us down for a second.

We wish you to have great shiny years ahead, as you are talented and beautiful stars! (oh and those dresses were gorgeous by the way!)


Jenia & Amer

Review: Здравствуйте, Ольга и Ксения! Здравствуйте и процветайте дальше на долгие времена в вашем прекрасном творчестве!

Девочки, дорогие! Красавицы в золотых платьях и с золотыми руками истиных музыкантов! Спасибо вам огромное за удовольствие и восторг, которые вы доставили всем нам! Вы смогли нас и радовать, и замирать от волненья, и успокаивать, и трепетать от восторга, и забывать обо всем от счастья!!! Благодаря вам создалась та особая атмосфера волшебства, которая получилась на свадьбе! СПАСИБО!!! За слезы и за улыбки! Я, мама невесты Жени , очень довольна и счастлива, что у нас была такая фееричная свадьба! Мы все вас благодарим! Будьте счастливы!

Наталия, Женина мама

Subject: Amazing Talent!

Review: Olga played in our wedding and everyone admired her especially me and my groom! She is one of a kind musician and very professional!! Highly recommended!


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Wedding celebration
The combination two hearts, the intertwining souls into a single whole is a mysterious moment birth from two halves one single whole, bringing to the world love and the beginning a new, beautiful, unknown. Wedding Agency Beautiful Wedding provides services for planning, organizing, coordinating events various formats and scale. We create both small chamber weddings in a narrow family circle, and large-scale weddings with the number guests over 100 organization in Dubai create beautiful, modern, non-standard weddings Let us organize a luxurious wedding ceremony, which you have always dreamed … Close your eyes and imagine a honeymoon paradise among the sea and mountain landscapes, open your eyes and give each other unforgettable moments the first days married life in the refined atmosphere a premium hotel. Our team pressionals will help to realize the most cherished dreams a beautiful and elegant wedding celebration. Wedding in Dubai is not a simple celebration. This is a significant event, which brings with it a sea ​​emotions, strong experiences and worries, the spirit romance, anticipation something unusual and bright and forever joins two loving hearts. However, along with this preparation for such a wonderful celebration brings and numerous troubles about her organization, conducting, caring about where to find a good host, how to best accommodate the guests and many other many issues that are added every day and “grow” , as in the forest mushrooms after a warm rain. To the process organizing and conducting a wedding would not seem to you to be unaccustomed to being too burdensome and would not spoil your joyful and solemn mood – entrust this work to specialists who love their work and have great experience

weddings entertainment UAE, wedding planner dubai


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